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A Machine Called Indomitable



A MACHINE CALLED INDOMITABLE is the remarkable, inspirational story of a visionary scientist who, against incalculable odds in a lonely purusit lasting movre than twelve years, doggedly, successfully, fulfilled his dream. In the end, Dr. Raymond Damadian had constructed a machine---INDOMITABLE was the name of the prototype, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) the process employed---that today is accelerating our ability to detect cancer and other diseases in the human body, saving untold lives and hardship due to early discovery.

Dr. Damadian's machine was to become front-page news in "The New York Times". "Newsweek" would call the process "the most exiting breakthrough in the vanguard of medicine today."

In essence, Dr. Damadian had created an accessible, safe, nonradiological means of determining the chemical makeup of every cell in the body. When he had first conceived of the potential of such a diagnostic tool---at a previously unimaginable size and power---that might scan the human body and distinguish diseased cells from healthy ones earlier than ever before possible, the experts told him it couldn't be done. Characteristically, Dr. Damadian, inspired by a death in his family and a mysterious malady of his own, proved them wrong.

Along the way, he was ridiculed by colleagues and peers. He was denied all but the most meager of grant monies, despite his constant efforts at fundraising---which included a weeklong unsuccessful attempt to see Jimmy Carter in Plains. Indeed, Dr. Damadian's experiences point up the ongoing controversy involving the search for a cancer cure and bring up the controversial question of whether or not an entrenched body of researchers has too much to lose if a breakthrough is achieved.

With perseverance, ingenuity, and an absorption bordering on obsession---as well as the support of a most unusual pair of laboratory assistants---Dr. Damadian finally had his day in the sun. What we have as a result is a machine its inventor fully believes will revolutionize the way we approach medicine. A MACHINE CALLED INDOMITABLE is a gripping, uplifting story of an incredible achievement; of dedication, hard work and courage---of invention in the finest American Tradition.


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Condition: Used - Like New, Dust jacket is slightly worn on the edges. Inside is very good. Book description from publisher still on inside.
ISBN: 0812916360
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Published: 1985

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