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Black Tie Only

Black Tie Only


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Description for BLACK TIE ONLY by Julia Fenton:

It is a party invitation to kill for: a dazzling black-tie gala in honor of Princess Diana and Prince Charles's visit to America, and from New York to Hollywood the society columns sizzle with the details fo the grand affair. The guest list is a who's who of international celebrities, power brokers, politicians, and millionaires - everyone who is anyone and some who are dangerous.

Interweaving mystery, romance and royal splendor, BLACK TIE ONLY is a riveting, fast-paced story about the bonds of friendship and the threat of secrets from the past. As the royal gala approaches, three women, inextricably drawn together by a pledge made years ago, are tested to the very limits of love and loyalty:

Alexandra Winthrop, and extraordinarily talented songwriter, is the wife of one of the world's wealthiest hoteliers and the confidante to whom Princess Diana turns for a special favor.

Jette Michaud, television's hottest new star, is the image of flamboyant independence in public but privately suffers as the vulnerable mistress of a Mafia don's notorious son.

Mary Lee Wilde, journalist, best-selling author, and daughter of an abusive celebrity mother, is a troubled loner drifting into a reckless double life.

The truth behind their schoolgirl secret could destroy lives, shatter families, and dissolve fortunes. As they struggle to protect themselves from the past, a child is kidnapped, a real estate empire is shaken, a marriage is jeopardized, and a man is murdered.

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