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Brother Wind

Brother Wind


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Description for BROTHER WIND by Sue Harrison:

In a time before time at the top of the world -- in a harsh and unforgiving age of ice -- courage will sustain three remarkable souls through trials as bitter as the chill winds of the eternal winter.

Claimed by a brutal, despised enemy, Kiin must sacrifice her love for the sake of her tribe and the safety of her children. Left widowed and helpless among the Whale Hunters, Kukutux now faces the impossible challenge of surviving alone. While Samiq, wounded and a hunter no more, must take up the mantle of leadership and guide a devastated people abandoned by their gods.

At the dawn of humanity, their extraordinary destinies intertwine. And through hardship and adventure, they endure -- confronting the cruelty of man, fate and nature with the indomitable strength of heart and spirit.

This is #3 in Prehistoric Series.

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