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Chains Of Command

Chains Of Command


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Description for CHAINS OF COMMAND by William J Caunitz:

William J. Caunitz's One Police Plaza has become the benchmark by which all cop novels are measured. Now Caunitz sets a new standard in an explosive novel that probes the treacherous chains of command on both sides of the law....

In Upper Manhattan, a young hotshot police officer is killed in a hail of gunfire. Investigators suspect that the victim was dirty--taking money from a drug lord for protection and services.

The Deputy Police Commissioner wants the case closed, and asks Detective Lieutenant Matthew Stuart to infiltrate the dead cop's precinct. His task--find the dirty cops, put them out of business, and make everyone look good.

But what Stuart uncovers is a plague of corruption that rises far above the street and into the halls of power in one of the greatest cities in the world. Caught between renegade cops, political power brokers, and fearless gangs battling for control of the streets, Stuart's most daunting task will be surviving....

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