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Escape From Bridezilla

Escape From Bridezilla


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Description for ESCAPE FROM BRIDEZILLA by Jacqueline deMontravel:

In this deliciously catty, romantically comical novel, you are cordially invited to join author Jacqueline deMontravel for an over-the-top trip through outrageous Bridedom, where every haute couture wedding preparation is guaranteed to go hilariously awry....

"I will not turn into one of those Wedding Girls..." This is Emily Briggs' mantra from the minute her boyfriend, Henry, proposes. She is not going to wallpaper her kitchen with wedding magazine tear sheets. She is not going to obsess over the date, tracking weather patterns for the slightest hint of rain. And she is not going to become meds-worthy bipolar over the "perfect" place. Besides, she already has the ideal place--the Bridgehampton summer home of her childhood. The one her parents have just sold. Okay, time to go crazy.

Now, as her Town & Country mother tries to pick out her wedding night lingerie, Henry grows obsessed with "let's-do-lunch" work meetings, and a mysterious blonde with a startlingly perfect derriere stalks their Tribeca loft, Emily is turning into the Bride from Hell, leaving no part of Manhattan--from Bergdorf's dressing rooms to Tiffany's sparkling cases--unscorched. The only person who seems to understand is J3 Hopper. Easy-going and easy-on-the-eyes, with a love of art and a habit of turning Emily's crazed tirades into delirious laugh-fests, J3 is the sort of man every manic bride needs and wants. And that just may be the biggest problem of all...

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