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False Witness

False Witness


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Description for FALSE WITNESS by R L Smitten:

CAUGHT BETWEEN WASHINGTON...Francisco Cruz is a Cuban-born American citizen who owns on of the hottest nightclubs in Little Havana. He's seen a lot over the past few years. but when his private plane crashes in the Everglades, he finds himself caught in a crossfire of smuggling, lies, double-crosses and deceit that involves international criminals, the U. S. government...and Fidel Castro himself.

AND HAVANA!...Cruz learns that his plane's records have been falsified and its defective parts have come illegally from other planes. And when the FAA asks him to go undercover to track down the smugglers, he has no idea that the SWAT team will unknowingly raid an operation run by rogue U. S. Customs agents working had-in-glove with a CIA splinter group. He also has no idea that the whole operation is sanctioned by the highest levels of the American government. From the sweaty clubs of Little Havana, to the mysterious Everglades, to Castro's private offices, the trail of contraband, conspiracy and cover-ups pulls Cruz deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of intrigue, one man alone, battling two governments to uncover the truth.

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