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Losing The Moon

Losing The Moon


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Description for LOSING THE MOON by Patti Callahan Henry:

Like most mothers, Amy Reynolds has anticipated the moment when her son brings home his first serious girlfriend. But she?ÇÖs shocked to meet the girl?ÇÖs father. Nick Lowry was the college boyfriend who captivated her heart and soul and then, without a word of explanation or warning, disappeared. She still wonders what took him away from her.

Amy?ÇÖs marriage is satisfying, her teenage children thriving. She loves her beautifully restored home and her work teaching at the local college. She has long since buried her memories of Nick. But now that he is back in her life, she can?ÇÖt help recalling the beach where they pledged their destinies together twenty years ago. She can?ÇÖt help missing the young woman she was then, full of passion and promise. And she can?ÇÖt help being tempted by the life she might have lived...might still live?Çöeven though making that choice would betray all she holds dear.

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