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Military Lessons Of The Gulf War

Military Lessons Of The Gulf War


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Description for MILITARY LESSONS OF THE GULF WAR by Bruce W Watson; Bruce George, MP; Peter Tsouras & B L Cyr:

MILITARY LESSONS OF THE GULF WAR presents an authoritative international perspective on the military, operational, and technological aspects of the Gulf War together with the political foreign policy and strategic considerations. This unique bridge between the military and political viewpoints makes it an invaluable work of reference to set the war in the context of its time and to chart is implications for the future.

Beginning with an analysis of the background to the war, the forming of the coalition and the diplomacy that led up to the January 15th 1991 deadline, the contributors continue with expert coverage of the air, ground and naval wars. In each they consider both its successes and its failures, analyzing the reasons for the former, pinpointing the need for remedies for the latter and the lessons to be learned from both. The contributors go on to discuss major aspects of the war, including indications and warning, intelligence, command and control, electronic warfare, logistics, control of the media, terrorism, the question of justification fro the war, and its effects on participating nations. The use of electronic warfare in the Gulf War was unprecedented, and it importance is here expertly analyzed; new weapons systems such as JSTARS and Stealth proved their worth. But did the fact that television coverage was obliged to concentrate on them influence public thinking into believing that this was a 'clean war'? With is comprehensive survey of such matters and their possible influence on political and military thinking in the future, MILITARY LESSONS OF THE GULF WAR is an invaluable reference guide to this pivotal conflict.

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