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Nine Live To Murder

Nine Live To Murder


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Description for NINE LIVES TO MURDER by Marian Babson:


When Winstanley Fortescue, titan of the English stage and a notorious tomcatter, falls off a ladder onto the backstage cat Montmorency D. Mousa, man and feline are catapulted into each other's body. Win prowls the theater with ears pricked--outraged by the litter box, eyeing Monty's furry felines fatales--while Monty, in Intensive Care, lies cataleptic in Win's noble thespian frame.

Soon Winstanley Fortescue, cat, hears enough to know the fall was no accident. Who pushed him? His long-suffering wife, his loony ex, his catty journalist mistress, or the critic who chewed up his last play? Twitching his tail, Win scats over to the hospital to sniff out the would-be killer and save his own body, which is serving as host to Monty's bewildered soul. After all, how many lives could Monty's cat body have left?

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