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No Business Being A Cop

No Business Being A Cop


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Description for NO BUSINESS BEING A COP by Lillian O'Donnell:

Lillian O'Donnell's new novel returns us, in style, to the adventures of Norah Mulcahaney, the New York City policewoman praised by MS. MAGAZINE as "the very best of the recent crop of women sleuths." Newly promoted to Detective-Sergeant, Norah is now confronted by the most inexplicable and dangerous case of her career---an obsessive murderer who seems dedicated to killing every woman on the New York City police force.

The first is Katie Chave. Office Chave had considered calling in sick that day---as it turned out, she should have followed her instinct. Investigating a bomb threat, she is blown to bits in a department store dressing room. Norah Mulcahaney rushes to the scene--not suspecting that Chave is only the first of the policewomen who will die.

Other deaths follow in stunningly quick succession. With her husband, Joe, in Italy on family business, Norah finds herself turning to Captain Sebastian Honn, an experienced detective who begins by advising her on the case and soon proves to an extremely attractive man as well.

But Norah is on her own, in a shadowy, echoing Madison Square Garden, when the killer finally emerges and Norah learns at last the identity---and the motive---of the man who has the mistaken notion that women have no business being cops.

This is #6 in Norah Mulcahaney series.

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