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Octagon House

Octagon House


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Description for OCTAGON HOUSE by Phoebe Atwood Taylor:

A LOVELY MODEL MURDERED... and Asey Mayo tries to comfort her sister, WHO HATED THE VICTIM.

Money might have been a motive since there was A CLEAR CASE OF BLACKMAIL, but why would anyone paint over a mural except TO COVER UP A CLUE OR TWO?

It takes brains--and a sense of humor--to deal with Cape Cod characters and the deadly determination of o. of Phoebe Atwood Taylor's most masterful murderers. Only Asey Mayo qualifies, matching wit with wisdom to give the reader a unique mixture of fun and mystery as the "Codfish Sherlock" solves The OCTAGON HOUSE crime puzzle.

This is #11 in Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery series.

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