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Primary Directive

Primary Directive


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Description for PRIMARY DIRECTIVE by Don Pendleton:

STONY MAN,p> Direct action is the President's best option when America stands in the crosshairs of terrorism. The covert counterinsurgent team known as Stony Man gets the green light to strike hard and fast -- no red tape, no political stalemates, just results. When the world goes to hell, the warriors of Stony Man take the heat to ensure the enemy gets no second chances.


Stony Man intelligence has picked up chatter about something bigger than any terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Now it's zero hour and the agency has dispatched operatives on two fronts: Panama and the Mexican border, where al Qaeda is using drug pipelines willing to accommodate cash payers to funnel terrorists into the country. It's clear the operation has been in the planning stages for a long time, with moles deep inside the U.S. security net. Now the only questions remaining are when and where the attack will take place. And how Stony Man is going to stop it...

This is #98 in Stony Man Series.

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