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Pure Dead Magic

Pure Dead Magic


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Description for PURE DEAD MAGIC by Debi Gliori:

All is not well at the home of Titus and Pandora.

And it has nothing to do with the snot in their yeti's coat. Or their cryogenically preserved ancestor who's beginning to thaw.

So what's the problem? Is it that:

A) Their father, Signor Luciano Strega-Borgia, has been kidnapped.

B) Their mother, Signora Baci Strega-Borgia, is preoccupied with her advanced witchcraft classes.

C) Their baby sister, Damp, has been accidentally shrunk, e-mailed, and lost on the World Wide Web.

D) There's a gangster in a large bunny suit lurking about.

Sadly for Titus and Pandora, it's E -- all of the above! But their irritatingly cheerful new nanny may be of more help than they could ever imagine....

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