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Return To Brookmere

Return To Brookmere


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Description for RETURN TO BROOKMERE by Rose Estes:


An elven Prince on a scouting mission for your father, the King.

Turn the pages of this ENDLESS QUEST book for many new and exciting adventures.

When it comes time for action, YOU decide:

Will you fight the monsters that rush you from the dark castle corridors?

Will you try to trick the evil Wererat ruler who controls your family castle?

Or will you run into the unknown down another corridor?

The thrills and challenges don't stop with the first reading. You can ask yourself, "What if I had doe it a different way?" and read the book again to find out.

In every ENDLESS QUEST book, you pick the path you want and find your own adventure.

Only inf you succeed can you RETURN TO BROOKMERE

The Choices are Yours!

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