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Sweet Harvest

Sweet Harvest


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Description for SWEET HARVEST by Lisa Ann Verge:


Amanda Karlson didn't like surprises. The blond, leggy wine chemist preferred life to be as predictable as the tests she performed daily in the wineries of Napa Valley. When, out of the blue, sexy Garrick Kane offered her a job as head winemaker of the Cedar Ridge Winery, cool-headed Amanda found herself speechless. If she refused, she'd be giving up the chance of a lifetime. But if she accepted, Garrick's smoky blue eyes and lean, predatory stance threatened to destroy her hard-earned peace of mind--and her heart.

Garrick Kane hadn't dreamed that such a brilliant chemist could possess lips as vulnerable as ripe grapes...and as luscious as red wine. Amanda fit into his plans perfectly. From the moment he laid eyes on her, the rock-climbing businessman wanted her in his winery, and in his life. But whenever he tried to move closer, the lady turned into sheer granite. He'd never faced a tougher climb: all he had to do was convince Amanda "The Ice Queen" Karlson to mix business with pleasure...and to share his dreams.

Kismet #104, August, 1992.

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