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Sweet Savage Heart

Sweet Savage Heart

Author: Janelle Taylor

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 572

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Description for SWEET SAVAGE HEART by Janelle Taylor:

Kidnapped when she was a child, 18-year-old Rana Michaels couldn't imagine any life other than her carefree existence among the Sioux. Then the white man Travis Kincade appeared in her camp, and the flame haired beauty's peace was shattered forever. His emerald eyes seemed to strip away her doeskin dress, his virile physique was destined to teach her passion's secrets. But when he traded a few trinkets for her freedom, she vowed to slay him before returning to her people...even if it meant denying herself the exquisite release only he could ignite within her!

From the moment jet-haired Travis gazed upon the supple young maiden, he knew he had to possess her in every way. Her uninhibited ways stirred his blood as never before; her untouched curves begged him to initiate her into ecstasy. The arrogant Texas rancher realized there would be all-out war between them as he forced her from buckskins and bare feet ot satin and slippers, but he was confident that one day soon the paleface savage would run eagerly into his arms, provoking his desire with abandoned kisses, satisfying his needs with her SWEET SAVAGE HEART

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