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The Day Of The Tempest

The Day Of The Tempest

Author: Jean Rabe

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 309

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Description for THE DAY OF THE TEMPEST by Jean Rabe:

The great dragon overlords threaten to enslave Krynn. They've magically altered the land, sculpting domains to suit their foul moods, and now they have started to amass armies of dragons, humanoids, and spawn. Even the once-proud Knights of Takhisis are joining the ranks and preparing to strike against the citizens of Ansalon.

This is Krynn's darkest hour.

But a handful of humans refuses to surrender. Spurred on by the famed sorcerer Palin Majere, and armed with an ancient dragonlance, they dare to stand up to the overlords. It may be their last act of courage.

This is #2 in Dragons Of A New Age Series.

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