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The Demon Hand

The Demon Hand


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Description for THE DEMON HAND by Rose Estes:


In search of the gemstones, deep in the salt caverns of the island of Dramidja .. .

The wolf-shaman Mika, the enchanted princess, the faithful Tamlur and the brave companions, all frozen in time .. .

Meanwhile . . . a certain little harpy and two intrepid werewolves join together in a quest to uncover the secret of their heritage, and to break the curse of the kingdom .. .

Return to the land of Greyhawk, where the demon Maelfesh is up to his usual unusual mischief, where magic abides and danger rules, where the beleaguered Wolf Nomad Mika must defeat yet another incredible array of other-worldly sinister forces--the deep-dwelling cavernquatch, the granite moles, the rock beasties and more .. .

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