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The Honeymoon House And Other Stories

The Honeymoon House And Other Stories


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Description for THE HONEYMOON HOUSE AND OTHER STORIES by Grace Livingston Hill:

Beautiful, talented Angela has a problem. She's engaged to a man who courageously saved her from a burning building but who has been away a long, long time. She knows he will return someday, but she's not sure when. Until then, she has her own life live! Certainly her fiance won't mind that she is investing her energy in her career, or that she spends time entertaining herself with friends who happen to be men.

Then Angela finds out that her fiance is returning sooner than she expected... and suddenly she realizes she is not at all ready for him! Also includes:

Life out of Death

The Minister's Son

The Old Guard

The House across the Hedge

The Wedding Garment

The Divided Battle

The Strange God

The Lost Message

"My Brother's Keeper"

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