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The Hook

The Hook


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Description for THE HOOK by Donald E Westlake:

Whether he is making you laugh with his Dortmunder crime capers or making you shiver with his Parker novels or recent bestseller The Ax, Donald E. Westlake is an unrivaled master of suspense. Now he presents a diabolically clever tale of murder, ambition, and jealousy that proves that getting published isn't just hard work, it's murder...

Bestselling author Bryce Proctorr has sales in the millions, while Wayne Prentice can't make a dime. But Bryce is blocked--he can't write a word--and to add to his misery, he's sick of his wife. He makes Wayne an astounding offer: If Wayne gives Bryce one of Wayne's unsold manuscripts, Bryce will publish it under his own name and split the big money. What does Wayne have to do to get into the game? That's the kicker. That's the hook ...

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