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The House Of Seven Mabels

The House Of Seven Mabels


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Description for THE HOUSE OF SEVEN MABELS by Jill Churchill:

"Homemaking" is about to take on a whole new meaning for Jane Jeffry now that she's agreed to help the prosperously divorced Bitsy Burnside restore and redecorate a decrepit old neighborhood mansion. Bitsy's decision to employ an almost all-woman crew has prompted Jane's quick-witted best bud Shelley Nowack to dub the project, "the House of Seven Mabels"--but it's also engendered some nasty ill will. And when what begins as a series of anonymous, mean-spirited "pranks" ends up leaving one of the workwomen lying dead at the foot of a staircase, Jane and Shelley decide to try and nail the assassin. But the more Jane saws away at the truth, the more it appears that she may be painting herself into a corner, leaving herself no exit if a crafty killer decides to make Jane Jeffry the next demolition

This is #13 in Jane Jeffry series.

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