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The Lion's Angel

The Lion's Angel

Author: Libby Sydes

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 452

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Description for THE LION'S ANGEL by Libby Sydes:


From the flame of her hair to the fierce blue of her eyes, lovely LeClaire of Ravenwood was a symbol of Saxon defiance to the arrogant Norman conquerors. The fearsome knight known as the Silver Lion might appropriate her family's estate, but never would LeClaire submit to the harsh-mannered coldhearted Borgia de St. Brieuc, despite the heady rush of desire she always felt in his presence.

She was only a slip of a girl who was his by right of conquest, but in LeClaire's courageous compassion for her people, her undeniable dignity, and the pure fire of her unquenchable spirit, Borgia realized that here -- incredibly -- as his true equal. As the rebellious girl ripened into glorious womanhood before his eyes, Borgia was faced with a dilemma that could destroy his honor or transform his very soul...

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