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The Roaring '80s

The Roaring '80s


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Description for THE ROARING '80s by Adam Smith:

The '80s, an era of easy debt and easy spending, are still roaring along, and in this lively and enlightening book, Adam Smith once again helps us understand the economic complexities of our most recent times---revealing the trends, showing us what they mean, and providing a way to think about the past and the future.

In THE ROARING '80s Adam Smith takes the reader on a revealing and wide-ranging journey from Wall Street to the Pacific rim, from Seventh Avenue to the Federal Reserve, and from inside the investment banking boom to the shrinking towns around our smokestack industries. Along the way, Adam smith is a convivial and entertaining guide as he engages hundreds of people in conversations that dramatize the high, low, and hidden spots in this remarkable financial decade.

As we move ahead in the roaring '80s there is bad news and good news, delivered as only the incomparable Adam Smith can. For, as always, Adam Smith writes with a brilliant combination of wit, knowledge, intelligence, conscience, and perfect clarity that makes him an absolute pleasure to read. His prose "burbles, cracks and snaps while throwing off insights spiced with wit and whimsy," said George Ball.

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