The Tartan Sell

The Tartan Sell


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Description for THE TARTAN SELL by Jonathan Gash:

Lovejoy is in the Highlands seeking the rare and the beautiful -- and looking for antiques as well.

Maybe it's because he's so good with fakes and women and so bad with taxes, but Lovejoy's antiques business is always getting him into trouble with the law. This time it starts with a bureau that he ordered from Scotland. It's supposed to be a fake, but when the truck driver is killed and the bureau turns out to be real, Lovejoy sets out for Scotland to find out what's going on. Soon he's mixed up with the McGunn clan and their beautiful leader, the wheelchair-bound Miss Elaine -- and he's pulling off the biggest scam of his career.

This is #10 in A Lovejoy Novel Of Suspense.

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