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The Way It Is


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Description for THE WAY IT IS by Patrick Sanchez:

In THE WAY IT IS, Patrick Sanchez introduces three thirty-something roommates with insatiable appetites for life, love, and anything deep-fried in this delicious, delirious celebration of women whose hearts are as big as their hips...

Big Girls Don't Cry Livin' large hasn't gotten Ruby Waters where she wants to be. She's sure that the only thing standing between her and the good life is that extra weight she can't seem to shed. And soon, Ruby just might have the courage to go really go for it--"it" being her hunky coworker with the bod of steel...

Fat is where it's at, honey. That's plus-sized model Wanda Johnson's motto. The larger-than-life African-American goddess may top the scales, but there are plenty of men begging for her phone number...

Simone Reyes always goes after what she wants--and it's usually ripped with muscles and under thirty. As the city's sexiest anchorwoman, glamorous, svelte Simone doesn't have time for commitment. She's too busy protecting a secret that could blow the lid off her whole life...

In the nation's capitol, where the drinks are cold and so is the competition, these three roomies are joining forces, battling their way through a maze of Chubby Chaser web sites, scam diet centers, romantic entanglements, power shopping, and plus-size fashion shows...because when life throws you a few curves, it's best to show them off!

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