Train From Marietta

Train From Marietta


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Description for TRAIN FROM MARIETTA by Dorothy Garlock:

Born into a wealthy New York City family, Kate Tyler never fit in with high society...and became a nurse to tend to the desperate poor of the Depression. Offered the chance to work in a large California hospital, Kate departs for the West-and is kidnapped right off the cross-country train and held for ransom in the most lawless part of Texas. Her only hope lies with Tate Castle, a struggling rancher who will rescue this city woman to repay a favor from a friend. With a young daughter to raise and heartbreak in his own past, this ex-tracker is not about to take any more risks than necessary. Until the pretty blonde shows she has more grit than he thought, sparking an attraction he never saw coming...while a relentless villain vows to derail Kate for good.

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