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A Cat With The Blues

A Cat With The Blues


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Description for A CAT WITH THE BLUES by Lydia Adamson:

Alice Nestleton is cat-sitting a beautiful Russian Blue--who also happens to be the center of a raging custody battle. Sidney and Beatrice Woburn are fighting over Frenchy, and just about everything Alice, at the request of the lawyers, is keeping the cat company in the couple's luxurious high-rise apartment. But this profitable job is turning perilous. First, Alice narrowly escapes death while buying cat food at a nearby bodega. Then the building's doorman turns up dead, allegedly the victim of a mugging. And finally, Frenchy disappears, sending his erstwhile sitter on a nose-to-the-ground hunt for a catnapper--and, maybe, a killer....

This is #19 in An Alice Nestleton Mystery.

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