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A Classy Touch Of Murder

A Classy Touch Of Murder


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Description for A CLASSY TOUCH OF MURDER by C F Roe:


A red Porsche was an appropriately classy vehicle for a smashup at a Scottish castle. The surprise was that the driver, Graeme Ferguson, had died from a .38 bullet `neatly placed in his head. Engaged to the Earl of Strathalmond's eldest daughter, Graeme had more than his share of enemies--thanks to his lifestyle of recreational drugs, shady financial deals, and pretty women--perhaps including his fiancee's sister and lovely mother. Now, with the investigation beginning at Strathalmond Castle itself, Inspector Detective Douglas Niven of the Perth police--working class and proud of it--felt both antagonistic and uncomfortable in the baronial halls. So he was delighted when Dr. Jean Montrose agreed to come along and offer her sharp insights into the psychology, of murder. Neither sleuth expected the twists this case would take. For just like the grand estate's baffling boxwood maze, the deviousness behind this murder would lead them to one dead end and one dead body after another before its chilling solution.

This is #3 in Dr. Jean Montrose Mystery series.

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