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A Day Late And A Bride Short

A Day Late And A Bride Short


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Description for A DAY LATE AND A BRIDE SHORT by Holly Jacobs:


With his dark good looks and talent for seeking justice, Elias Donovan thought he had the best recipe for making partner in his law firm. But according to his family-minded boss, Donovan lacked one crucial ingredient: a wife! So he did what any red-blooded male would do -- he claimed he had a fiancee: neighbor Sarah Madison.

Practical-minded Sarah accepted Donovan's platonic "proposal" and desperately tried to ignore the way her heart raced in his presence. But as their pretend relationship snowballed into planning an actual wedding, and Sarah glimpsed the romantic Romeo hidden inside her soon-to-be husband, she could no longer deny her very real feelings....

PERRY SQUARE: Where love is found...and lasts forever.

Silhouette Romance #1653, March, 2003.

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