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A Deadly Quiet

A Deadly Quiet


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Description for A DEADLY QUIET by Christopher Lane:

Who is buried in a frozen grave?

The native hunter persistently stalks his prey onto the frozen Chukchi Sea. But it is not the bearded seal he pulls from under the ice -- it is a man.

Called up from Barrow, Alaska, to investigate a bizarre double murder, Inupiat police officer Ray Attla faces the most perplexing puzzle of his career. The two corpses uncovered by a local seal-tracker seem to have no possible connection: one a brilliant young Alaskan athlete, the other a missing crewman off a Russian ship. Yet each was felled in the same manner and, presumably, by the some killer. And now a heinous crime in a secluded, ice-bound corner of the world threatens to escalate into a dangerous international confrontation -- unless Ray can cut a path to a murderer through a vicious tangle of rumors, mistrust, and dark secrets ... and survive an unwanted "partner" who may prove deadlier than the crime.

This is #5 in An Inupiat Eskimo Mystery.

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