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A Death In The Family

A Death In The Family


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Description for A DEATH IN THE FAMILY by Jennie Melville:

Policewoman Charmian Daniels drove home from Slough to Windsor on the day the castle burned. Windsor may look picturesque and old-fashioned, but Charmian knows all too well that the charming village is not immune to the realities of modern life and crime, most recently evidenced by the disappearance of eight-year-old Sarah Holt. Charmian's day had been spent talking to the child abducted's. The child has been missing for six days, and the only clue to her disappearance a battered and abandoned doll.

Charmian's worst fears are exacerbated by the discovery of a young male corpse, lying next to the skeleton of a baby buried nearly a century before. Could the two deaths and Sarah's disappearance be somehow related? As Charmian races toward the truth, a killer races to stop her -- and to keep an ancient secret dead and buried.

This is #16 in A Charmian Daniels Mystery.

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