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A Distant Drum

A Distant Drum


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Description for A DISTANT DRUM by Charles Bracelen Flood:

The characters in LOVE IS A BRIDGE grew up in the twenties and thirties. This is the story of the generation who followed them, a generation who found the Korean War their responsibility, a generation of young men and women who loved beauty and excitement and each other. It in particular the story of Patrick Kingsgrant, and the forces that brought him to maturity; his father, a feudal lord from Maine who believed that life was work; Allston Hunt, a Harvard professor who taught with his heart as well as his mind; Anna van Neerdaam, the blonde from New York whose only sin was confusion; and the Untied States Army, which taught the final lessons.

Lit its predecessor, this is a novel distinguishable by "the sense of movement in time, the evocation of place through carefully chosen detail, the sureness of the writing," and "a large understanding."

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