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A Drink Of Deadly Wine

A Drink Of Deadly Wine


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Description for A DRINK OF DEADLY WINE by Kate Charles:

Ambition, even among the clergy, can be a dangerous desire. Father Gabriel Neville, priest of London's gorgeous St. Anne's Church, is planning to reach the topmost tier of the Church of England. Until the blackmail starts.

His only hope is his old friend, David Middleton-Brown. Hopping into St. Anne's unholy hotbed of rumors and insinuations, David secretly begins to investigate the origin of the-poison pen letters sent to Father Gabriel. But instead of answers the gentle lawyer is soon upset by the questions his snooping raises about the man he thought he knew. Then he finds something even more disconcerting: a woman hanged in the sacristy. Now David is looking for a possible murderer among this community of eccentric church people and genteel parishioners...and coming face-to-face with a relationship that can expose his own dark dreams in a chiaroscuro world of flickering candles and carnal sins.

This is #1 in A Book Of Psalms Mystery.

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