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A Fashionable Murder

A Fashionable Murder


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Description for A FASHIONABLE MURDER by Valerie Wolzien:


When amateur sleuth Josie Pigeon joins her longtime beau, Sam, on a trip to New York City for a week, she suspects she'll be looking at engagement rings, not mug shots. Once they arrive in the Big Apple though, the constant reminders of Sam's wealthy, glamorous past make Josie feel like she's way out of her league. Then the body of his ex-girlfriend, the elegant Pamela Peel, turns up in Sam's apartment--and he becomes the police's prime suspect in her murder.

Emotionally shut out by a shell-shocked Sam, Josie knows there's only one thing she can do. With a few friends to help her navigate some of New York's high class circles, she'll investigate Pamela's murder herself--and prove to everyone what she already knows: that Sam could never murder anyone. With the clues piling up like a socialite's discarded party dresses, Josie moves in on the truth, all the while knowing that each step she takes is one step closer to a killer.

This is #6 in A Jose Pigeon Mystery.

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