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A Groom Of One's Own And Other Bridal Accessories

A Groom Of One's Own And Other Bridal Accessories


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At first you were walking on air, adrift in a dream, happy about being engaged...until five-pound bridal magazines, the wedding industry, and your own mother brought you crashing down to earth. Under the weight of unreasonable expectations, unpredictable family members, and an unbalanced budget, your Dream Wedding can easily turn into a Nuptial Nightmare. If only you could recall just where along the way you left your sense of humor. This is where Mimi Pond steps in---to guide you across the mine filed called wedding planning.

In her irreverent and indispensable guide for brides-to-be, she tells you what psychological transformations to expect as your boyfriend turns into your fiance---this is to say, the person who cares least about your theme colors, your floral arrangements, or your china pattern. You'll be astonished as even the most straightforward parents on earth suddenly employ world-class passive aggression to get exactly what they want. Gasp with shock as loyal siblings and old friends surprise you with their own clever hidden agendas!

Most important of all, though, Mimi will alert you to the warning signs of your own behavior---perfectly normal...for a bride. You'll:

*experience the joys of emotional blackmail

*turn your back on quiet good taste to select the Biggest Dress in the World

*insist your bridesmaids pay through the nose for hideous ensembles they'll never wear again, just to make you look better by comparison.

Yes, in a desperate bid for control, you may have made the same decision many brides before you have---to go temporarily insane. But Mimi will tell you this: your wedding will not be what you think it's going to matter what you think it's going to be. Mimi Pond provides a wry account of how things can go perfectly wrong and still be funny. Whether it's a five-minute quickie ceremony or an extravaganza equal to Charles's and Di's, A GROOM OF ONE'S OWN provides inside information such as:

*the dark secret behind all bridal Showers

*The Incredibly Critical Relatives

*when to worry about Bachelor Parties

*the Rehearsal Dinner---or the Hatfields and the McCoys meet over roast beef

*practicing your glassy-eyed bridal stare

*incredibly inappropriate comments made on your wedding day

On target, hysterically funny, and absolutely essential, this complete, unexpurgated guide is what every bride needs to survive the very human comedy called The Perfect Wedding.

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