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A Matter Of Time

A Matter Of Time


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Description for A MATTER OF TIME by Beverly Byrne:

Sarah Myles, a seemingly ordinary young woman living an ordinary life in the suburbs of Boston, has an extraordinary secret. She has been the "channel" for strange music- the same four notes, over and over- in her head since childhood. Having grown up with the music, she doesn't think much about it until a car accident leaves her with another extraordinary legacy- visions that accompany the music.

The visions, like the music, are of another time and place. They are, Sarah realizes, a message from the past that is being channeled through her. She cannot afford to ignore it any longer- she must find out what the message means if she is to find peace.

Together with Jareb Baraak, a parapsychologist, Sarah begins to unravel the mystery behind what she is seeing and hearing, a search that will ultimately lead her to a discovery that could change the entire foundation of Christianity.

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