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A Pour Way To Dye

A Pour Way To Dye


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Description for A POUR WAY TO DYE by Tim Myers:

Benjamin Perkins is carrying a full load--keeping his family specialty soap store afloat and his quirky clan from making waves. But he's just landed in a tub of trouble over a slippery thing called murder...


Benjamin Perkins's family has owned the Where There's Soap boutique and the lot it's on for years--or so they thought. Earnest Joy, the jeweler next door, is claiming he won the land from Benjamin's grandfather in a long-ago poker game. And he's ready to collect immediately. While this dirty laundry is hung up for a very public viewing, Benjamin goes to visit Earnest and finds him dead--a bar of the family's homemade soap clutched in his hand. As the automatic prime suspect, Benjamin is perhaps the only one who can clear his name--and keep the rest of his life from going down the drain...

This is #2 in A Soapmaking Mystery.

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