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A Princess In Waiting

A Princess In Waiting


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Description for A PRINCESS IN WAITING by Carol Grace:

From the desk of Luc Dumont

Head of Security

St. Michel May 2002 Day 47

I am this close to discovering the identity of the missing heir to the St. Michel throne! In the meantime, I've noticed the growing affection between the oldest de Bergeron daughter, Lise, and her ex-husband's brother, the dashing Charles Rodin. Word has it that Charles is trying to right his evil sibling's wrong by marrying the pregnant beauty...but this is no ordinary marriage of convenience, as Charles has had unrequited feelings for Lise since the day she joined his blue-blooded family. Question is, once he's proven his devotion to her baby, will she then be willing to give him her heart?

Royally Wed: The Missing Heir

Silhouette Romance #1588, May, 2002.

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