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A Secret And A Bridal Pledge

A Secret And A Bridal Pledge


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Description for A SECRET AND A BRIDAL PLEDGE by Andrea Edwards:

Although in a witness-protection program, Amy Warren fought to keep her independence - a battle that pitted her against U.S. Marshal Mark Miller. His protective instincts warmed Amy's heart and made her think of long-lost dreams. But Mark's steely gaze set Amy's nerves sizzling with defiance - and unleashed strange memories of a past love. Somehow she felt she'd known Mark before...Would this be their chance at forever? Or would they spend the rest of their lives searching...for a love that could outlast time?

THIS TIME, FOREVER: Sometimes love is so strong, nothing can stand in its way...not even time.

This is Safe Haven #10 (reissues), June, 2008.

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