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A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan


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Description for A SIMPLE PLAN by Scott Smith:

Two brothers and a friend find $4 million the cockpit of a downed plane. The pilot is dead. No one is looking for the money. To keep it, all they have to do is wait.

IT ALL SOUNDED SO SIMPLE... But from the moment their plan is set in motion, Hank Mitchell's well-ordered life spins out of control, sending him on a downward spiral of deceit, treachery, and blackmail--total chaos leading to the unthinkable ... cold-blooded murder. Doomed to keep the secret of the money safe, Hank will kill and kill again, helped by the most calculating accomplice of all--his pregnant wife, Sarah.

A Simple Plan plunges you into the world of a seemingly rat man whose descent into madness and murder will chill you t, bone. A masterpiece of psychological suspense, it will leave wondering just how far you would go to hold onto a dream.

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