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A State Of Mind, My Story Ramtha: The Adventure Begins

A State Of Mind, My Story Ramtha: The Adventure Begins


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She is a wife, mother, a glamorous and successful businesswoman. She is also one of the most charismatic---and controversial---leaders of the New Age movement in America today, a woman who has appeared on national TV shows like Merv Griffin, and guides thousands of followers, including many well-known figures from the entertainment world.

She is JZ Knight. And she is the "channel" through which Ramtha, a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit from Atlantis, speaks with vital spiritual communications that have already altered countless lives---none more powerfully and dramatically than the life of JZ knight herself.

A STATE OF MIND is JZ Knight's intimate and very special story of her life. It is, indeed, a life she was chosen for, but a life with every conceivable hardship and obstacle imposed on it it. She was born into dire poverty and raped at the age of four. She bloomed into a beautiful young woman, fighting to hold on to her virtue, struggling to gain a sense of self-respect. She married three times: the first time for need, the second time for security and stability, the third, and final time, for love.

Throughout her life, JZ Knight has fought disease, prejudice, and loneliness---and has triumphantly overcome them all. She created two cable TV companies and was the first woman rise to the top at the industry's marketing end. And she has experienced extraordinary paranormal phenomena, including a UFO encounter, a miraculous healing, and a visit from her closes friend the very evening she died.

Of the many famous people she has met, of all her closest friends, the most important to her is Ramtha, the Enlightened One, the god-like being that fills her spirit with his own. For no one else has remained so steadfast or has taught her so meaningfully the paths of unconditional love. It is her---and Ramtha's---revealingly candid, radiantly unforgettable story that will touch anyone who ever asked the questions: "Why am I here? How can I truly enrich my life? What does the future hold---for me and the world?"

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