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A Taste Of Texas

A Taste Of Texas


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Description for A TASTE OF TEXAS by Liz Talley:

She can't leave again without finding out...

Returning to Oak Stand, Texas, doesn't mean things haven't panned out for Rayne Rose. In fact, she's a celebrity chef so successful she desperately needs her equilibrium! Fixing up her aunt's B and B is the perfect step back. But how's Rayne supposed to get perspective with Brent Hamilton -- the best friend who broke her heart -- next door?

Beauty in motion. That was Brent then -- and now. The boy Rayne adored has become a good-time guy...and all wrong for this widowed single mom. Still, she can't resist the different version of Brent she glimpses beneath the surface. And that taste tempts her to dig a little deeper. Because maybe what they once had could still be.

Harlequin SuperRomance #1705, May, 2011.

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