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A Very Eligible Corpse

A Very Eligible Corpse


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Description for A VERY ELIGIBLE CORPSE by Annie Griffin:

Meet Hannah and Kiki...

Hannah is quiet, modest, and introspective. Kiki is loud, tacky, and man-crazy.

Hannah abstains from alcohol, writes poetry, and belongs to the Hill Creek Rose Club. Kiki drinks champagne like water, shops to reduce stress, and also joined the Rose Club--to meet men.

Aside from their age (early sixties), these two sisters couldn't be more different. But when Kiki's latest love interest is brutally killed, they find themselves on common ground -- in trying to solve the murder. Kiki herself argued with Arnold Lempke the night before his death-and she doesn't have an alibi. It doesn't help that she lied to (and flirted with) the police at the murder scene ... and that she's more concerned about what Marin County society thinks of her than about the crime itself. But Hannah agrees to help her sister prove her innocence. She just hopes she can do it before it's too late...

This is #1 in A Hannah and Kiki Mystery.

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