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A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man


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Description for A WANTED MAN by Kathleen Creighton:


Mike Lanagan: He knows that in Lucy Brown's eyes he's just a drifter, a hired hand who can move hay, pen pigs and kiss a lady breathless.

Lucy Brown: She knows that in Mike's eyes she's just a plain-Jane farmer, a woman too unworldly to be suspicious of a stranger.

A few days ago, Mike Lanagan was a big-city newspaperman who had somehow gotten himself on a killer's bad side. And until he could figure out who wanted him dead, he needed to lose himself in a cornfield. But deceiving the sweetest, prettiest farmer in Iowa meant he would end up with a hole in his heart one way or another....

AMERICAN HEROES: Men who give all they've got for their country, their work -- the women they love.

This is a Safe Haven Reissue

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