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A Woman's Place

A Woman's Place


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Description for A WOMAN'S PLACE by Ann Helming:

This exciting story cuts to the quick of a crisis that is setting off depth charges of frustration all over America. It deals with today's married woman who feels no status or satisfaction with her role as "just a housewife" and who wants to break out of the tender trap of domesticity into a world where she can achieve personal fulfillment on her own terms.

"You know what it is?" says one of the attractive college-educated young wives of this novel. "You spend four years developing your mind and getting an idea of the riches, intellectual and artistic, that the world has in store and then you're supposed to forget the whole thing and submerge yourself in a way of life in which the major mental demand is fixing the baby's formula."

Across the bridge tables, cocktail trays and Wednesday "in-town" Dutch lunches, this rallying cry is being taken up. And in Ann Helming's A WOMAN'S PLACE, the three young heroines have already acted.

The compelling narrative of these memorable women sweeps the reader along as jobs and romances take the heroines on colorful junkets to Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Mexico, and New York. Their careers give inside views of three different and equally fascinating drama---in Ann Helming's sensitive exploration of what happens when intelligent women discover that husband, home, and family are not enough to satisfy their eagerness for experience of the world---that A WOMAN'S PLACE becomes an unforgettable and unput-downable novel.

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