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Description for ABRACADAVER by Ralph McInerny:

A magic show at St. Hilary's one snowy night proves entertaining for the stragglers who braved the weather. Aggie Miller allows her ring to be used in a disappearing act and Father Dowling chances to notice the inscription. Oddly, the ring belongs to Frances Grice, the missing wife of a local millionaire entrepreneur.

The ring's new wearer had found it at a garage sale, but it clearly brought bad luck. For poor Aggie is brutally murdered. What was the connection between the death of Aggie Miller and the disappearance of Frances Grice? Father Dowling suspects a clever killer ready to steal the show.

The Down Home Heifer Heist by Eve K. Sandstrom When a bitter winter in Catlin County, Oklahoma, is interrupted by the appearance of a sinister ring of cattle thieves and three murders, Sheriff Sam Titus and his wife, Nicky, try to solve the baffling crimes.

This is #13 in A Father Dowling Mystery series.

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