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Ace Is Wild

Ace Is Wild


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Description for ACE IS WILD by Penny McCall:

Psychic Vivienne Foster has learned the hard way that cops and lawyer will never take her seriously. But when she starts having visions of hotshot U.S. Attorney Danial "Ace" Pierce being murdered, she can't just sit back and do nothing. Which is how she winds up at the charity bachelor auction where he's the top attraction, hoping that a loaded .38 will make him see the light.

A former FBI agent, Daniel doesn't relish parading himself in front of a group of wealthy socialites, no matter how worthy the cause. What's worse, he soon finds himself held at gunpoint by a drop-dead gorgeous nutcase who says she's psychic. But when Vivi saves his life, even a skeptic like Daniel has to take notice - not that Vivi could ever be ignored.

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