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Adventures Of An Ice Princess

Adventures Of An Ice Princess


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Description for ADVENTURES OF AN ICE PRINCESS by Liz Maverick:

She'd go to the ends of the earth to find love.

When life throws you a lemon, make frozen lemonade

Clarissa Schneckberg wasn't ready to leave her Silicon Valley job, get dumped by her longtime boyfriend, and move back in with her parents. She's officially pathetic. And her prospects are dim. At least that's how they look from under the covers of her childhood bed...

But just when her life seems to be heading south, Clarissa decides to head really south--to Antarctica, to be exact. With her best friends, Delilah and Kate, she's ready to make the trek and sign up for some equal- opportunity jobs...even though none of them has yet to live through a winter without fuzzy slippers and fake fur. After all, the male-to-female ratio at the South Pole is something like four-to-one. It's definitely time to shop for some new underwear. Long underwear, that is.

It's an amorous adventure Clarissa would be sane to pass up. But for this snow angel, sanity has outlived its usefulness...

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