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Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Affair-Proof Your Marriage


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Description for AFFAIR-PROOF YOUR MARRIAGE by Lana Staheli, Ph.D.:

This singular guide presents the straightforward facts on affairs, as well as advice to affairees and spouses on how to cope with them.

Since 60% of marriages are affected by affairs, you should know the facts:

Women under 30 are as likely as men to have an affair.

Love affairs are different from sex affairs.

Most affairs last between two and three years, but the consequences can last a lifetime.

Fewer than 10% of affairees divorce their spouses then marry their lover.

Over 75% of those who do divorce and marry their lover divorce again.

Nearly 80% of those who divorce during an affair are sorry later.

Most marriages survive affairs. If you want to stay married, you can.

Prevention works. You can - and should - affair-proof your marriage right now.

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