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Author: Robert DiChiara

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 374

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Description for ALIBIS by Robert DiChiara:


Beautiful home, beautiful wife, beautiful life. To the casual observer, prosperous real estate executive Carl Rodman lives a perfectly ordered existence in the chic seaside town of Hollowsport. But scratch the surface and the pain of his young son's tragic hit-and-run death two years before comes rushing out. And someone out there would like to tear Rodman's mask away, to shatter the careful facade that holds his sanity in place. . . .


The latest letter demanded $35,000. The phrase child killer was used more than once, not as a threat, more as a sick joke. Rodman knows the man from his past will never go away until he has sucked him dry, and destroys whatever is left of Rodman and his family. Rodman can't let that happen. The only way out is to kill the man to kill the memory.


So Carl Rodman commits the perfect murder . . . only to learn that another, more chilling murder has taken place closer to home at the same time. Now he's a suspect, and his only alibi is to confess to murder . . . and to expose the dark truth that he killed to keep buried forever. . . .

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